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Sri Aurobindo's Ideograph

The Eternal Religion

In the changes of the future the Hindu society must take the lead towards the establishment of a new universal standard. Yet being Hindu we must seek it through that which is particular to ourselves. We have one standard that is at once universal and particular, the eternal religion, which is the basis, permanent and always inherent in India, of the shifting, mutable and multiform thing we call Hinduism....The eternal religion is to realise God in our inner life and our outer existence, in society not less than in the individual....God who is essentially Sachchidananda, is in manifestation, Satyam, Shakti, Prema, --Truth, Strength and Love. Whatever is consistent with the truth and principle of things, whatever increases love among men, whatever makes for the strength of the individual, the nation and the race, is is the sanatana dharma...

Sri Aurobindo, SABCL 3, pg.123-124 [written during his Baroda period]

Date of Update: 20-Jun-22