Moving Towards South Asian Confederation


The strength of South Asia depends on the pioneering role of India. India has all the assets to be a visionary especially at a time when Sri Lanka has become a failed State and Pakistan's economy is in doldrums. Therefore it is sad to see that at the 75th year of independence, India displaying a pathetic democratic spectacle where elected legislators being herded in hotels and resorts and transferred from State to State ostensibly to cater to shortsighted policies of their leaders. Sometimes the mobile phones of such captured legislators are taken away for varying periods of time. Nothing can be more mocking for legislators who have been elected by the masses and expected to represent the vox populi. And when such "captives" are publicly paraded, the media avoids probing how they were sponsored and funded in their luxury sojourns. Unless Indian leaders rise above shortsightedness and graduate to be visionaries, India misses the chance to lead South Asia.

Date of Update: 21-Jul-22