Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Indo-China stand-off

There seems to be no change in the India-China stand-off even after a year has passed since the deadliest clash between two countries in the last four decades took the lives of 20 Indian soldiers. Successive meeting between military commanders have not solved anything; indeed, the Chinese tone after the last military commandants' meeting has been more aggressive; more so as it took place after the Indian, Japanese and Australian premiers met the US President in the Quad summit last month, ostensibly to discuss how China could be cornered. What is ominous is that the Chinese aggression towards India goes on cascading in intensity at a time when China is threatening Taiwan and making overtures to Bhutan and the Taliban. Indian diplomacy has taken a back foot in the case of ties with Bhutan -something that does not augur well with our diplomatic finesse. We are under trying times and Indian diplomacy has to combine tact with a futuristic vision and an unwavering will.

Date of Update: 18-Oct-21