Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Sri Aurobindo’s Aphorism

Initial bankruptcies of the rational age

Man, the half infrarational being demands three things for its satisfaction,

power, if he can have it,

but at any rate the use and reward of his faculties and

the enjoyment of his desires.

In the old societies the possibility of these could be secured by him to a certain extent according to his birth, his fixed status and the use of his capacity within the limits of his hereditary status. That basis once removed and no proper substitute provided, the same ends can only be secured by success in a scramble for the one power left, the power of wealth. Accordingly, instead of a harmoniously ordered society there has been developed a huge organized competitive system, a frantically rapid and one-sided development of industrialism and, under the garb of democracy, an increasing plutocratic tendency that shocks by its ostentatious grossness and the magnitudes of its gulfs and distances. These have been the last results of the individualistic ideal and its democratic machinery, the initial bankruptcies of the rational age.


Date of Update: 16-May-20