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Apropos Hatred

If hatred is demoralizing, it is also stimulating. The web of life has been made a mingled strain of good and evil and God works His ends through the evil as well as through the good. Let us discharge our minds of hate, but let us not deprecate a great and necessary movement because, in the inevitable course of human nature, it has endangered feelings of hostility and hatred. If hatred came, it was necessary that it should come as a stimulus, as a means of awakening. When tamas, inertia, torpor have benumbed a nation, the strongest forms of rajas are necessary to break the spell, and there is no form of rajas so strong as hatred. Through rajas we rise to sattva…

Sri Aurobindo (1908)

[Unpublished manuscript during his lifetime]

(Tamas- principle of inertia, rajas-principle of dynamism, sattva-principle of harmony)

Date of Update: 19-Apr-18