Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Sri Aurobindo's Ideograph


Spiritual Force for the Future

The spiritual force within not only creates the future but creates the materials for the future. It is not limited to the existing materials either in their nature or in their quantity. It can transform bad material into good material, insufficient means into abundant means. It was a deep consciousness of this great truth that gave Mazzini the strength to create modern Italy...

It is our hope that... not only the political circumstances of India be changed but her deeper disease be cured and by a full evocation of her immense stores of moral and spiritual strength that be accomplished for India which Mazzini could not accomplish for Italy, to place her in the head and forefront of the new-world whose birth-throes are now beginning to convulse the Earth.

Sri Aurobindo, August 21, 1909

Date of Update: 26-Dec-16