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The State as an Intellectual and Moral Being

The State now feels the necessity of justifying its existence by organizing the general economic and animal well-being of the community and even of all individuals. It is beginning to see the necessity of assuring the intellectual and, indirectly the moral development of the whole community. This attempt of the State to grow into an intellectual and moral being is one of the most interesting phenomena of modern civilization. Even the necessity of intellectualizing and moralizing it in its external relations has been enforced upon the conscience of mankind by the European catastrophe (World War I). But the claim of the State to absorb all free intellectual activities, a claim which it increasingly makes as it grows more clearly conscious of its new ideals and its possibilities, is, to say the least of it, premature and, if satisfied, will surely end in a check to human progress, a comfortably organised stagnancy such as overtook the Graeco-Roman world after the establishment of the Roman Empire

Sri Aurobindo,
December, 1915, Arya (The Ideal of Human Unity)

Date of Update: 23-Nov-17