Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

The predicament with Nepal

In the midst of the pandemic with its great economic consequences, Nepal, whose citizens work in India in tens and thousands, decided to forego the age old kinship with India and showed a new arrogance by first releasing a new map that includes Indian regions and secondly by indulging in border firing despite the presence of a free border. Is it an overambitious drive by the Nepalese premier? Is it a new power game by China which is using Nepal as a pawn? Is it due to the complacency of India which did not engage with Nepal despite the warning signals since last year? Whatever may be the reason, it is ominous. The Mother in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry had warned in the 1960s that the Himalayan States should rally around India and not around China or else the Divine’s work (for the earth consciousness) would suffer. Are our seasoned diplomats whose accolades are always glorified capable to meet the challenge?

Date of Update: 16-Jun-20