Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

The Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic, raging throughout the world seems to be a dance of Mahakali for reasons best known to Her. While the middle class and the elite have been mainly affected, South Asia holds its breath for if it strikes at the proletariat, the teeming millions staying in shanties and slums, there would be no end to suffering for a long time to come. The government of India has enforced lock-downs, insisted on hand washing, social distancing and early detection of symptoms. That works with the middle class up to a certain level but would have difficulties in overcrowded slums, marginalized people suffering in hordes already from tuberculosis and Adivasis prone to malaria and malnutrition. A many pronged approach working at multiple layers instead of a blanket moratorium is needed. Political Will is needed but can be unproductive if inputs are not considered from diverse strata of a heterogeneous and multicultural society.

Date of Update: 25-Mar-20