Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

The Doklam Imbroglio

The stand-off between the Indian army and Chinese liberation army soldiers is serious not only because of the threat of war which would be disastrous for India but for something more ominous –the disruption of South Asian Unity. The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry had commented apropos the Tashkent Summit following the 1965 India-Pakistan conflict that it was imperative for the consolidation of Truth that Himalayan States should support India instead of China. Today, China is seriously influencing all of India’s neighbours, luring them with money. Pakistan is on the way to become a colony of China for all practical purpose. Nepal has been tricked by China to be its supporter, notwithstanding the fact that thousands and thousands of Nepalese work in India with full freedom and rights. Bhutan is being lured with huge economic investments. China and Bhutan share three conflicting pockets including Doklam and China is pressurizing Bhutan to give up Doklam while China would relinquish its claims over two other pockets. China remains the largest arms supplier to Bangladesh and is investing aggressively in Myanmar even though one of its pet projects, the Myitson Dam was suspended due to massive public resistance. Sri Lanka received huge Chinese loans and due to failure to repay debt was forced to lease the Hambantota port to China (How China is winning over India’s neighbours with money, arms; Prabhash K Dutta, India Today, August 11, 2017).

Sri Aurobindo had warned in 1950 that once China encroached Indian borders in the Himalayan regions after capturing Tibet, world domination would become easier for the Red Brigade.

Date of Update: 12-Aug-17