Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Democracy in peril in South Asia

South Asia is now witness to democracy in peril with the military junta having its sway in Myanmar, political entities somersaulting in Nepal, a perpetual system mistrust in Pakistan and the great Indian Prime Minister labelling every constitutionally guaranteed right to opposition as act against the State. Only yesterday the Delhi High Court, while granting bail to students, had pronounced that the government had blurred the line between the validity of protest and the definition of terrorism. Ironically, today itself the government was not finding the permanent addresses of the victims to execute their release! This blatant attempt to hold on to its own obstinacy augurs ill to the spirit of democracy. The Indian Prime Minister who wants to be immortalized in history does not have the guts to question the military generals of Myanmar so as to recommend them the restoration of democratic rights and release of political prisoners held unjustifiably! All this is ominous for South Asia.

Date of Update: 17-Jun-21