Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

A Discordant South Asia

The end of 2017 presents a discordance in the South Asian milieu. Nepal will be shortly having a China-leaning leftist government already committed to China’s One Road One Belt Project. The fact that thousands of Nepalese people earn their living in India and are placed from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has not been taken to India’s advantage in settling deals. Sri Lanka has handed over the Hambantota port to China usurping the strategic maritime balance in the Indian Ocean. Adding insult to injury, Maldives has permitted docking facilities for Chinese ships in the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, after India’s climb-down in Doklam, the Chinese have again begun consolidating their presence and any attempt of rebuttal by India will now, under changed circumstances, seem childish. Yet the very fact that South Asia has a cultural commonality that binds all subcultures apparently at variance with one another through myths, mythologies and spirituality can still provide a diplomatic space through firm, intelligent and positive approach. The year 2018 throws a fresh challenge in South Asia that needs to be worked out by a diplomatic team having a combination of experienced diplomats and fresh, vibrant youthful mind-set, only experience will not succeed. An inrush of new ideas and attitude is needed to supplement age and experience

Date of Update: 26-Dec-17