Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Is China gulping India?

It seems that India has succumbed to China in creating DEMILITARIZED BUFFER ZONES WITHIN INDIAN TERRITORY. The Chinese remain in their positions while India recedes from its own territory. Reports in newspapers (The Telegraph, 17th September, 2022) suggest that these buffer zones are 3 Km wide in Galwan Valley, 10 Km wide in Pangong Lake, and 3,5 Km each in Gogra and Hot Springs. These zones were so long patrolled by the Indian army which can now no longer be done.

The nation has a right to know the true nature of the negotiations which must not be held back under the pretext of official secrecy. The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram once had a vision that if India succumbed to the (occult) formation that represented China, the Chinese could enter India, establish an overwhelming presence and even invade South India and that would be the end of everything as it would take perhaps centuries to regain back normalcy. (Agenda, pdf, pg.3262)

Date of Update: 20-Sep-22