Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

A precarious start

January, 2021 sets to a precarious start with the whole world still reeling with the Covid 19 pandemic. India faces a peculiar situation. An unprecedented farmers' agitation of a magnitude that never happened before is taking place though mainstream Indian media tries to divert attention with political trivia though such a sycophant attitude may bring its own backlash. China is trying to surreptitiously build inroads into Indian territory at Arunachal Pradesh with satellite images suggesting the creation of a village deep inside Indian territory. The Covid Vaccine has been introduced though there are unclarified apprehensions of its efficacy and side-effects. To cap it all is the unceremonious exit of Donald Trump with whom the Indian premier had quite unprofessionally showered personal accolades at the cost of Indian taxpayers’ money. It is only to be hoped that the new US President Joe Biden with his Indian origin Vice-President Kamala Harris and significant representation of Indian-origin Americans in his diaspora will display a constructive work-up with India. It seems that Biden will continue to display pro-India tough policy on China as Kurt Campbell is presumed to be the India-Pacific coordinator who has sufficient expertise to address challenges posed by China. This is very important as India has invested in the Indo-Pacific, the trilateral and the Quad. The stability in the Indo-Pacific is necessary for the development of South Asia and would automatically rub some shine off Pakistan’s aggression against India.

Date of Update: 21-Jan-21