Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

The Afghan Connection

The US administration has begun talks with the Taliban on the scenario that would develop following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. What is important and sinister is that the Afghan government has been completely ignored and marginalized by keeping it out of the talks. Obviously this is a clever ploy of Pakistan . KK Paul (The Statesman, 21st March, 2019) narrates how Pakistan has pressurized the Taliban to agree to a predetermined agenda. Once this is successful, the way will be paved for China to increase its interests in Afghanistan’s vast and untapped resources of mineral wealth. Export of Afghanistan goods to India which has already been initiated through the Iranian port of Chabahar would be affected. It is to Indian interests that the Afghan government should not be marginalized by the Taliban as this would upset the already fragile South Asian balance. It would be a tough task for Indian foreign policy makers to impress upon the US not to ignore the Afghan government which will seek election sometime this year, but the effort has to be made.

Date of Update: 22-Mar-19