Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Return of Rajapaksa Clan in Sri Lanka

The return of the Rajapaksa clan at the helm of power in Sri Lanka poses a serious challenge to India’s diplomacy. President Gotabhaya lost no time to nominate his ex-President brother, Mahinda as the Prime Minister. Firstly, the clan has been voted by the dominant Sinhalese Buddhist populace and conspicuously did not get support from the island’s minority communities comprising 12 % Tamil Hindus, 10% Muslims and 7% Christians. The polarization is too obvious. Secondly, the Rajapaksa clan had successfully exterminated the LTTE with unparalleled ruthlessness that encompassed extrajudicial killings. Thirdly, the Rajapaksa clan is closer to China than India, even though it is believed that it was this clan that led to a Chinese debt trap due to their decision during their previous tenure to have the Hambantota port funded by the Chinese. Sri Lanka failed to pay the debt leading to a 99 year debt–for-equity trap. But that does not mean that love is lost for China. India will have to design an innovative diplomatic layout in the greater interest of a consolidated South Asia.

Date of Update: 23-Nov-19