Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

The South Asian imbroglio

South Asia demonstrates cascading restlessness signalling an eerie 2021. The military junta takes over the reins of governance in Myanmar and the irony is that the largest democracy has to walk a tightrope so as not to upset the army generals who had to some extent curbed insurgents from using the Burmese soil as a launching pad for anti-India offensive. The Nepalese polity has been thrown out of gear by internal conflicts and contradictions and while the Chinese are trying their best to bring the situation to their advantage, a section of Nepalese politicians are also mastering the trick to manipulate Indian and Chinese resources in accordance to their own agenda. In India, the government unable to solve the impasse created by North Indian farmers at a time when China looms on the borders, seem to be acting with childish impulsivity and instead of solving the problem is trying to stifle the vox populi, ostensibly with the idea that the farmer should not widen their support base with youth and students and the thinking elite - an approach that may turn counter-productive.

Date of Update: 15-Feb-21