Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Changing World-Order

While China continues to flex its muscles and persists in unprovoked and illegitimate incursions in the sacred mountain ranges of Ladakh in India, the world is witnessing an unexpected phenomenon with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain attempting to normalize relations with the hitherto arch-enemy of the Arab world, Israel , much to the chagrin of Palestine. This is a sign of a changing world-order brought not by sermons and lectures but by the pressure of circumstances by Nature whose secret motivation is always to move towards greater and greater unities. But Nature works in different ways and if China has to make positive overtures to India, it must be compelled to do so by a different pressure of circumstances that emanates from a strong, dynamic and united India, not an India riddled by divisions, communal conflicts and regional prejudices. Only if Indian politicians rise from their sectarian world-views and make India not an incipient dictatorial state under the garb of a democracy in a centralized federal set-up but a matrix of universal values in consonance with its Swadharma while not neglecting her military might, that it can command due respect.

Date of Update: 16-Sep-20