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Farm Laws and Guru Nanak

The Indian Premier announced today the repeal of the three controversial farm laws for which thousands of farmers have been agitating in Northern India with Punjab taking the lead role. The decision has come after about 700 agitating farmers died and naturally the farmers are apprehensive that unless the laws are repealed in the Parliament where they were enacted, the protests should not be called off. That the announcement by the premier was made on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak's birthday might be aimed to pacify the Punjabi farmers as well as to make up for lost ground in ensuing elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. But a more befitting tribute to the spirit and consciousness of Guru Nanak would be to invoke his synthesis of the deeper elements of Vedanta and Islam for that is also the dominant need today where the new normal seems to be the rearing up of the hydra-headed monster of intolerance and fanaticism.

Date of Update: 22-Nov-21